Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tiny Table for Two

Since my daughter wanted the gold mirror at her play table, I had to make it match, right? Her table was ready for a new coat of paint anyway. 
So, here is her table before:

To go with Mommy's theme, right? Too cute!

creative.endeavor= completed


Hooked on Laundry

Here is another Pintrest project, and one of my FAVORITE. 

So here is my laundry room before:

(I've got to get a room divider to hide the water heater- my next purchase.)

I taped off the stripe I wanted. I did 7", and it seems to work well. Here's a tip when applying tape: wear the tape around your wrist and unroll as you need it. Then, use an old credit card to make sure the paint doesn't bleed through the tape. It works like a charm!

Anddddd, I LOVE how this turned out!!

To make sure the hooks were spaced out evenly: I measured the space I wanted the hooks to cover and divided it by the number of hooks I had. Perfectly spaced!

creative.endeavor= completed


Sunburst Mirror

This next project was inspired by THIS blogger. So I decided to try my own version of it.

I started with a #3.50 candle base and $.69, 100 count BBQ skewers. 

Then I grabbed my glue gun. I made a circle template in pencil on the back so I had a guide to go by.

Then, a little metallic gold spray paint andddd here we have it! I added a small display mirror to the center that I had laying around from a past project.

My daughter Lilly said she wanted me to hang it in her 'play area' after I paint her table and chairs black and red (yep, that's my daughter!). 

creative.endeavor= completed


Friday, March 23, 2012

Accent Table

I have this cute table I got at IKEA when I was in college. I love the clean lines, and that it doesn't take up a lot of space. BUT I was tired of the same-ol thang.

Plain jane, right? No personality, I know.

So, I decided to get my $2.99 spray paint from Menards. The most cost effective price I have found (without compromising quality).


With a little paint, and some silver stencil work, here is what I got!

Whatta think? 
oh! side note: the paper in the glass vase... I had a 2009 black and white calendar laying around, so I cut the dates off the bottom and rolled up the pictures to display them here! See what you can do with old things laying around the house. This is why I don't throw anything away. I just KNOW I'll find a use for it.

creative.endeavor= completed


Rubber Band Tea Light

I found my inspiration for this next piece on Pintrest. So here is their example:

This is what I started with:

Here are a few tips: make sure you start in the middle with the rubber bands and work your way to the ends. Otherwise, they will get twisted when you try to put them on. After the paint has dried, take the bands off OVER the sink, or you will have a huge snowy like mess. And who wants to get the sweeper out?? Not this lady!

And, the finished product!

Not too bad?? Next time I will use more rubber bands I think. But, for a first try I like it! I am going to make a few more for the other side table.

creative.endeavor= completed 


Weekend Projects

Well, I have a few projects for this weekend. Here are some 'before' photos as well as photos of inspiration. I will create a post about each one as they are completed. 

So, to start.
My doors do no have trim around them, so I thought I would bring some depth into the hallway and paint them on! Also, the doors are too plain for my liking, so I am going to paint a stripe down the whole hallway. Pictures to follow.

Next, I'm going to create this Pintrest find:
Rubber bands around a vase, and spay paint! Clever, hu??
My own pictures to follow.

Happy crafting! 



I needed something to brighten up my desk at work. Flowers should do the trick. Buttttttt I didn't have a vase. After a quick look in the pantry I noticed a dust covered mason jar in the back. Yes, I did have to climb on the counter to reach it. Vertically Challenged. I love the vintage style! (pardon the iPhone capture here)

And, up-close.

Next time you're in need of a vase, just look around to see what you already have!

creative.endeavor= completed


Entry Way Wall

If you've read my 'information' section you know "I have this condition" (Memento...anyone? anyone?) Correction, three conditions. 1. Acute Hoarding 2. Cheapness 3. Creative Brain (and lets face it, I need change in my life). I have challenged myself to many indoor and outdoor projects this summer, and I'm sure I will find many upcoming projects during summer yard sales. In all actuality, this is a positive creative outlet for me (it is wayyyyyy more cost effective than therapy; and more fun!). So, let the documentation begin! 

My first small project was to find something to put on my entry way wall. I had some family pictures put up, but I didn't like knowing if someone where to look through the windows of my front door they would see who lived there. So, I found this on clearance at Target! $9

I thought about a mirror, but I couldn't pass up this $9 purchase. And it fits the wall perfectly, right? Plus it is a great reminder: Sing, Dance, and Love. 


creative.endeavor= completed