Friday, March 23, 2012

Entry Way Wall

If you've read my 'information' section you know "I have this condition" (Memento...anyone? anyone?) Correction, three conditions. 1. Acute Hoarding 2. Cheapness 3. Creative Brain (and lets face it, I need change in my life). I have challenged myself to many indoor and outdoor projects this summer, and I'm sure I will find many upcoming projects during summer yard sales. In all actuality, this is a positive creative outlet for me (it is wayyyyyy more cost effective than therapy; and more fun!). So, let the documentation begin! 

My first small project was to find something to put on my entry way wall. I had some family pictures put up, but I didn't like knowing if someone where to look through the windows of my front door they would see who lived there. So, I found this on clearance at Target! $9

I thought about a mirror, but I couldn't pass up this $9 purchase. And it fits the wall perfectly, right? Plus it is a great reminder: Sing, Dance, and Love. 


creative.endeavor= completed 

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