Monday, June 11, 2012

Mail Call!

Most of you can relate to this: Pintrest will be the death of me!
For my next project, I got the idea from this photo:

Isn't this the perfect idea to put outside your little one's door? You can write them notes, put some cookies in there, a small gift. The ideas are endless!
So I wanted to make one for Lilly. I found this mailbox on sale for $7 at Menards, but I'm sure you can find one at a local hardware store, or maybe even Goodwill.

I painted it a flat black, and used a tooth brush to splatter some pink paint on it for her. Then I used scrapbook letters to put her name on the outside.

And, then hang on the wall! I wrote her a little note and she just loves to put things in there to 'send' to me too.

creative. endeavor= complete