Thursday, June 7, 2012

Creative Endeavors goes- Outside!

I took my endeavors outdoors this summer to do some landscaping work. Lucky for me previous owners didn't do any landscaping, so all I had to do was clear out grass and not cut down trees! There is a walkway from my back door leading to the back yard. I just got sick of seeing grass. I want to be welcomed into the backyard with whimsical plants! So, that is exactly what I started to create. Here is what the landscaping (or lack there of) looked like before:

Plain as you can get! I killed off the grass first and then cut it into sections to be able to roll the grass out of the space. I thought about renting a sod cutter, but it was just too big to be able to maneuver in this small space. So, I did it all by hand, and my muscles love me for it!

Anddddd, after! What a difference some hard work will make! I got some day lilies at a local greenhouse for $5 a piece, and in a few years they should multiply so I can move them around to other places in the yard. Not too bad for my first try at landscaping! Boy was it hard work. Very much worth it in the end.

creative.  (outdoor) endeavor= compete


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