Monday, April 9, 2012

Craig's List Find

I have had my kitchen table and chairs since college, so I my thought was to buy brand new with my tax check this year. I allowed myself some money...buttttttttt as I was searching through CL, I found THIS:

They were asking $100 for it, but I negotiated it down to $80. Never EVER pay the asking price without asking for a lower price first. Use those negotiating skills!!
Up close there are a few scratches on the table top, so I'm going to sand it down and dark stain it.

This was a STEAL; to say the least. And now I have extra tax money to put into savings..errrr spend at Lowes (we all know that is where my money is going to untimely end up anyway). What a great addition to our home!

creative. endeavor= complete


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