Monday, April 2, 2012

Gallery Wall

There are so many creative gallery walls out there! I thought I would create my own (on the largest wall I have in my house).
This is what the wall looked like before:

I started by making a center piece for the wall. A monogram 'C' (with the left over fabric from my headboard).

Got my hot glue gun out and created this:

I placed the 'C' on the wall. ooooo so lonely!!!

And here is a little picture hanging tip I read about. Use this nail to put in the hook on the back of your picture. Place the picture on the wall where you want it to hang, and give it a little tap. It will create a hole for you to place your nail in. Picture Perfect Placement!

I placed on my frames on the floor first so I could create a good balance of small to large frames.
This is how it started.
I made some marks on the wall creating a horizontal 5" line to line up the bottom of my frames. Start a hangin'! 

Slowly but surly, comin' along.

And, here she is. Complete! I added a few of my daughter's art projects to create some interest as well as a few silver canvas pieces I made.

creative. endeavor = completed 


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