Thursday, June 7, 2012

One Brick, Two Brick, Three Brick, Four...

We've been having some great weather lately, so many of my projects (that take forever) have been outside. I took the opportunity to try and finish my brick walkway.
When I first moved in, I couldn't stand that the bricks were all overgrown with grass and weeds. I started to pull up the grass and found that this was going to be a bigger job than I had first anticipated. You know the old saying, "do it right the first time." ? Well, I decided to re-lay every... single... brick... You would have too if you came upon the mess that I did! This is how it started. 

Beware: The following photo may cause you feelings of compassion and pity for the persons involved in taking on such tasks. And, they accept.

This is only about HALF of the walk way. The other half leads to the driveway.

This is the start of the drive way...see what a mess it is???

I spoke with my neighbor (as he looked at me with crazy eyes at the task I was about to embark on) and he said that he hasn't seen the top of these bricks in about 16 years! 16 years people!! I am doing a service by liberating these bricks to work to their full potential!

You can see the other half of the walkway in this picture, leading up to the driveway. I've made progress, right??!!

After hours upon hours of pulling up grass, digging out the bricks, leveling the dirt, laying sand, and RE-laying the bricks in a different is almost complete.

I just need to lay a sand/mortar mix on top of these bricks and they should be nice and sturdy for walking! Only about 4 or 5 more feet to go. 

Here it is complete! I'm so glad this project is over. Now I get to start on the brick patio.

creative. endeavor=  complete


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