Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Framing a Door with Paint

The interior doors of my house do not have frames around them. Upon the suggestion of one of my co-workers, I decided to paint the door frames on! I also had another idea to bring more depth into the hallway, so I did it all in one project. 

This is my hallway before:

I started tapped off 3" borders around each door to make the frame. I also added a 12" stripe down the hallway that weaved in and out of the doors. 
So, here is it all measured and tapped up.

Excuse the mess: My daughter decided it was a good idea to play 'baby' in the hallway while I was painting.

After two (some places three) coats of paint, this is what I got!

Changes the whole look, don't ya think? Gives it some needed depth to a narrow hallway.

creative. endeavor= completed


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