Monday, July 9, 2012

Privacy Screen

You know those horridly expensive privacy screens that are flimsy, and might fall at the passing of a train in the next city? Well, save your monies on this one. Here's a few ideas to create your very own!

Yes, I found this idea, yet again, on Pinterest. I just modified mine a bit.
Here is the original post I got the idea from:

I went to my local Habitat for Humanity Resale store to browse around. I couldn't find any small narrow closet doors like I was looking for, so I decided to look at the store through my creative goggles. I found the Bi-fold closet doors! Hinges already attached (I really didn't feel like doing handyman skills). So, I thought I would start with a bi-fold for the space I was needing, and if I decided to try a tri-fold, I could go back and get another panel.

This is what I needed to cover up. Eye-sore, I know. I hate walking into this from the garage every time I come home.

After I pulled all the bi-fold's down off the shelf to inspect them, I settled on this one. 
For...wait for it... $10!!!!

And, let the cleaning begin! I washed this puppy down well. Dust and spider webs galore.

After 2 cans of white spray paint, I had a transformed screen!

I was so excited to put it in this space! 

No more eye-sore, that's for sure. And all for around $18! Can't beat that price.

For this small space, it is really turning into a cozy part of own home!

creative. endeavor= complete


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